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The abstract submission is now closed ! Thank you. Notification to authors will be sent beginning of March.

The abstract submission process is now opened (October 2016). The submission deadline is 15th January, 2017. Update : deadline extended up to 27th January !

You need first to log in (or create an account - check if you already have one on this platform by using your e-mail address and the 'lost password' function).

Then fill in the requested data. Please note that the main text of the asbtract, including any references, is limited to 2500 characters.

A user manual is available here. Please write to rei2017-program@sciencesconf.org for any request. Please note that a maximum of 4 abstracts per participant is allowed.


  • Fundamentals of ion-solid interactions
  • Modelling and simulation
  • Functional properties
  • Swift heavy ion irradiation
  • Advances in defect and material characterization
  • Multi-ion beam irradiations
  • Laser-solid interactions
  • Micro- and nano-patterning
  • Materials processing with irradiation


Financial support for participants could be provided under conditions : the conference is organized in cooperation with IAEA. If you'd like to apply for travel support from IAEA (eligible Member States, i.e available for participants NOT living in the technically developed countries i.e., Western Europe/ North America/Japan/South Korea/Australia/NZ), please send us before 31st January 2017 a short CV and your(s) REI asbtract(s) (in one single PDF document) at  rei2017-registration@sciencesconf.org. You will be notified of support's answer not later than beginning of March.

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